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Meet Sara Matter: Niall Matter’s Hallmark Star Wife, Bio, Net Worth and More



Meet Sara Matter: Niall Matter's Hallmark Star Wife, Bio, Net Worth and More

Do you want to know who Sara Matter is and whether she is the wife of the famous actor Niall Matter? Many people right now want to explore this question. Sara Matter and Nile Matter were spotlighted in a few months for various reasons.

Sara Matter is a Canadian entrepreneur and the wife of trendy American actor Niall Matter. His husband, Niall, is a very talented and versatile actor with Canadian nationality who has acted in numerous Hallmark film schools. The two tied their knots back in July 2016 at a small private ceremony in Hawaii.

They first met in 2015 in a small meeting. The two suddenly fell in love. Indeed, now you will be so excited to explore more about Sara Matter, the wife of Niall Matter.

So, in this article, we will discuss all about Sara Matter, his biography, net worth, personal details, and more.

Who is Sara Matter?

Sara Matter’s full name is Sara Bradley Matter. She is passionate about art, music, and photography and is known for her multiple tattoos.

Moreover, one of the reasons for her popularity is that she is the wife of Niall Matter, the Hallmark actor who has appeared in various TV serials, especially on the Hallmark channel.

She is also known as a successful entrepreneur. Although she does not post on social media frequently, she always remains in the spotlight due to her husband.

The Early Life of Sara Matter

Sara Matter was born in Vancouver, Canada, and has always kept herself and her early life private. She was raised in Canada and was born in Canada, too. She doesn’t open herself or her early personal life in public and in the spotlight. While it is known in the media that she owns a business and is a Canadian businesswoman.

Sara Matter always avoids discussing her business, and Nile Matter never discusses it. This shows that the couple feels the importance of privacy and always keeps their private details private. Sara became popular in the spotlight because of her relationship with Niall Matter.

The Wedding of Sara and Niall Matter

The wedding of Sara and Niall Matter has always been the most raised question among the fans of Niall Matter and even the media. Back in 2016, Sara and Niall Matter threw a small private ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii.

The couple announced their marriage by posting a kissing photograph of their wedding in July 2016, with the caption of starting a new life together. In the wedding ceremony, she has a flawless personality and a sleeveless white gown that adds elegance to her overall look, with her arm tattoos spinning with the name of Niall on them.

Niall and Sara make a new history of accepting each other without knowing their past relationships. Nor were they in a relationship with each other before the marriage. It has been seen that the two know each other just a year before marriage in a small meeting, where they immediately fall in love with each other, and following the year they get married.

Soon after the marriage, both shared a very lovely, beautiful picture of themselves on her Facebook account, accepting this marriage as one of his best decisions in life. This shows up as the couple’s moment of life while defending the future for both.

How Many Children do Sara and Niall have?

How Many Children do Sara and Niall have?

Sara and Niall Matter are blessed with two children. They named them Kate and Betsy. These kids bring real joy into the lives of Sara and Niall, where Kate is the couple’s eldest daughter. Kate was born in the same year Sara and Niall tied up their knots, which means Kate was born back in 2016, while on the other hand, Betsy added more joy to the couple’s lives and was born in 2018.

What is the Religion of Sara and Niall?

The Niall and Sara matter is highly connected to their fate, and they both follow Christianity. The couple has always been known for having strong emotions about their fate, always following Christian values, and trying to implement them in their children as well. The family overall shared up high faith, loving respect, and a special relationship with each other to have a delicate bringing of their children.

Personal details of Sara Matter

Those who were so concerned about Sara will be wondering out and exploding some of her personal details, like Sara’s height/Weight, net worth, and more, so below, we are going to discuss it.

Sara Height

Height is always the most important component of personality. Well, Sara has an elegant look with a height of 5 feet 6 inches. So, if we could say that Sara’s height is 5’6, which is approximately 167.67 cm, together with this height, she has a flawless, elegant look.

Sara Weight

The majority of females always take care of their weight so they don’t look bulky. The same is the case with Sara Matter, who is always very careful about her weight and always keeps to herself and maintains her weight. Sara Matter’s weight is 50 kg, which is 110 pounds.

Hair Color of Sara Matter

Sara Matter is typically known for having smooth, long, and crazy black hair that boosts Sara’s personality. This sleek black hair look also adds great beauty to her overall appearance. As far as the eyes of Sara matter, Sara has very expressive and dark black eyes that give a distinctive personality to her overall appearance. The personality is captivating for the people all around, which is why people are so praising Sara Matter. While praising Niall for his amazing choice.

Sara’s Parents and Siblings

Sara doesn’t reveal about her family background, but all we know is that she has a brother. Her brother’s name is Ryan Bradley, and he is also known to be a well-known entrepreneur and musician. He is also the CEO of Bradley Music, which provides musical production and distribution services.

Sara Matter’s Net Worth

According to the recent estimate of 2024, Sara Matter has an approximate net worth of $2 million. The resources of this revenue are hidden from the media, and both the couple hesitate and are reluctant to share them. Well, according to some media reports, a music business is involved that adds $2 million to Sara Matter’s account.

Sara Matter tattoos

Sara Matter is a big fan of tattoos. She is just like a tattoo lover. These tattoos are her favorite things. She has been known for having several tattoos on her body; one of the largest is on her left arm, which covers the whole shoulder. This most giant tattoo demonstrates a floral design with leaves, roses, and wines. She also has a small tattoo on her right wrist with the avoiding of love in cursive font style, while she has another tattoo on the left angle of her feet that looks exactly like a feather.

Sara matter career journey

As far as her career is concerned, it has been said that Sara has worked very hard in her life to build her career and complete her passion and skills in various areas. She is known to be a very talented professional who knows how to activate the audience, and with her commitment and passion, she made her career into business. Sara’s love for her voice is a direct ability, and that’s the reason why she made a great impression on everyone.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Sara Matter is known to have a highly attractive personality and is very fun-loving, enjoying her life. She is in the spotlight due to the wife of Niall Matter. The couple shares a charming marital relationship and lives a beautiful life together. While on the other hand, she is also known for having a great net worth.

Above all, we have discussed all about Sara Matter, from her personal details to height, age and more.


What is the age of Sara Matter?

Sara Matter’s date of birth is October 20, 1980. According to recent 2024 details, Sara Matter is currently 43 years old.

Who is Sara Matter married to?

Sara Matter is married to Canadian-American actor Niall Matter. His husband was known for his acting and his great roles in The Best Years, Stargate Atlantis, Watch Men, Eureka, and more.

What Hallmark movies has Niall Matter been in?

He starred in the lead role in various movies, such as Family History Mysteries, Buried Past, The Secrets of Bella Vista, and A Rip Time, and gained fame.

What is the nationality of Sara and Niall Matter?

They are of Canadian and American nationality.