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Marcelle Provencial: All About Jon Scheyer’s Wife



Marcelle Provencial: All About Jon Scheyer’s Wife

Do you want to know who Marcelle Provencial is? What is her family background and is she the wife of Jon Scheyer?

If it’s all your questions, then certainly you will be wandering around for a perfect guide that will help you explore all about Marcelle Provencial, her relation with Jon Scheyer and her personal details. In this article, we will explore all the basics that are relevant to your question.

Who is Marcelle Provencial?

Marcelle Provencial is the wife of Jon Scheyer, she has gained a lot of popularity and publicity in the media industry due to being the spouse of Jon Scheyer. Jon Scheyer is a very talented and versatile basketball player who is also known for being a head coach.

Marcelle Provencial holds a nursing qualification. She completed her education at Rush Medical College. However, her connectivity with Jon Scheyer has always come to attention.

Marcelle Provencial Quick Bio

Full name Marcelle Provencial
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 5 June 1987
Birthplace Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Age 37 years
Parents Russell and Alberta Provencial
Siblings Noelle Provencial and Michele Provencial
Marital Status Married
Husband Jon Scheyer
Children Noa Marie, Jett James, and James Russell
Nationality American
Eye color Brown
Hair Colour Light brown
Height 5ft 8 inches

How did Marcelle meet with Jon Scheyer?

Marcelle Provencial is the wife of Jon Scheyer. When Marcelle Provencial was at North Carolina Durham, she met her destiny, Jon Scheyer, and the two became love birds. Jon Scheyer, a basketball player, and Marcelle Provencial, a future nurse, crossed paths at Duke University.

The couple didn’t open themselves to the public and didn’t reveal any of the details about the meet-up, keeping their relationship highly secret. However, Jon later posted a photo of Marcelle Provencial and himself at the Red Bull game in January 2014. This was the first time they acknowledged their relationship status in public. Jon Scheyer then married Marcelle Provencial on May 6, 2017, in Chicago, Illinois.

While Jon Scheyer married Marcelle Provencial, he was born on August 24, 1987. The age difference between Marcelle Provencial and Jon Scheyer is almost 2 months only. Hence, you could say that both are almost the same age. The couple has also been dating for at least a year and got engaged on August 9, 2015.

Marcelle Provencial and Jon Scheyer’s wedding was a private ceremony attended by only their loved ones and friends. It was a small celebration full of joy and love.

Who is Jon Scheyer?

Jon Scheyer

Jon Scheyer is the husband of Marcelle Provencial, a well-known accomplished American coach and a former player in basketball. He is known for serving as the head coach for the Duke Blue Devils in the Atlantic Course Conference.

Moreover, he is also famous for his great transformation and performance, which led him to secure the NCAA championship in 2010. Jon Scheyer, known as the character of a commitment expert, had a passion for basketball.

Marcelle’s Provencial Early Days

Well, if you are the one who wants to explore all about Marcelle Provencial, then you should definitely explore her early days.

Marcelle Provencial was born on June 5, 1987. She was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Marcelle Provencial is considered an intelligent woman and very concerned about her success.

Her parents’ names were Russell and Alberta Provincial. While she was already born into a middle-class family, she had a comfortable upbringing and good fortune. Her mother, María Antonio Parota, was a nurse by profession, while his father was a restaurant owner and businessman.

Hence, Marcelle Provencial had a very comfortable childhood from the very beginning. She attended her high school in Florida, where she learned a lot about education and developed her formative skills.

After graduating from high school and college, she enrolled in Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, to study medicine and continue working on her grandmother’s medical work. It is said that the major reason Marcelle Provencial chose to attend nursing school was to focus on and enhance her family medicine.

Marcelle Provencial’s Career

Marcelle started her nursing career in 2016. She was first employed as a nurse, and she focused on her family nursing practice. She loves treating people of all ages and families and uses her advanced nursing practices and family nursing predictions to help them. For this reason, she made a lot of money and was quite different from other nurses. She was also known to earn almost $107507 to $125930 per year.

Marcelle Provencial lives a very luxurious life in Durham, North Carolina. From the very start, she was not so open to social media and saved herself from public attention. Marcelle Provencial has 11 years of experience and expertise in renowned medical organizations like North Weston Memory Real Hospital and Rush University Medical Center.

Moreover, Marcelle Provencial was known for her focus skills, especially in critical care like cardiac ICU. She is so fascinated by her that many of her patients make great remarks about her remarkable dedication. All of this shows Marcelle Provencial’s exceptional contributions, leading her to recognition and an award of daisy, too.

Marcelle Provencial Childrens

Marcelle Provencial is known as a proud mother and has three children. Marcelle and Jon Scheyer have their first daughter, Noa Mary Scheyer, who is the first kid. She was born in January 2018 and is 6 years old now.

Soon after the first kid, Marcelle Provencial, and Jon Scheyer announced on August 24, 2019, the birth of the son, Jett James Scheyer, the current age of the son is 5 years.

The couple then announced their third son, who was born on May 18, 2022. According to the details, he is only 2 years old now. Despite their busy schedules, Marcelle Provencial and Jon Scheyer always dedicate their time from the visit to their children, knowing the importance of family time.

Marcelle’s Provencial Physical Appearance

Well, when it comes to physical appearance, many people will definitely be excited to explore Marcelle Provencial’s physical appearance, such as height, weight, and skin tone, so below, we will discuss it.


The height of Marcelle Provencial is 5 feet 8 inches, with an almost 172.72 CM of health. It wouldn’t be wrong if we could say that Marcelle has a slightly good high comparison with other females.


Marcelle Provencial weighs 56 kg, which is almost 123 pounds. So, we could say that Marcelle always maintains herself. Concluding the importance of a slim look by maintaining 56 kg Lok after 3 children is quite difficult, but she manages.

Skin Color

Marcelle Provencial’s skin color is white. Overall, she looks great and knows how to carry it.

Hairs and Eyes

Marcelle Provencial’s hair is light brown, which complements her white skin tone beautifully. Her brown eyes also harmonize with her overall look.

Marcelle Provencial Net Worth

Marcelle Provencial is not very open to the media, but it is quite clear that she has them. She is one of the most reputed registered nurses, and she is financially strong.

On the other hand, her husband, Jon Scheyer, is a successful head coach and basketball team player, known to hold a net woth of almost $5 million, according to the recent updates of 2024. Together, we can conclude that the couple has good fortune and financial well-being.

Marcelle Provencial Social Media

We all know that Marcelle is not mainly on social media, but she is present on Instagram with the username cellie05. However, her Instagram account is private, with only a limited number of nearby followers.

Her Instagram account is said to have 700 followers, almost in contrast to her journey maintenance account, which has a public account on Instagram with the username “jscheyer” and almost 85,000 followers.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we have discussed all the essential details about Marcelle’s Provencial and her husband, Jon Scheyer. After discussing all this, we can conclude that the couple has lived a very happy life, keeping most of the personal details private, and has a successful career.


What is Marcelle Provencial’s age?

Marcelle Provencial was born in 1987. According to the estimate, she is 40 years old.

How much is Jon Scheyer paid?

Jon Scheyer is a very successful head basketball coach and a former player who earns up to 8 million dollars annually.

Who is Jon Scheyer’s wife?

Jon Scheyer’s wife is Marcelle Provencial. They both got married in 2017.