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Meet Scott Patterson’s Ex-Wife’ Vera Davich: Age, Family, Career and Net Worth



Meet Scott Patterson's Ex-Wife' Vera Davich: Age, Family, Career and Net Worth

Do you want to know about Vera Davich? Vera Davich might be a new name for you as she is not in the spotlight. You might be wondering why she is becoming popular without being a public figure. She is the woman whose life has hit herder with the glamour of Hollywood. She is undoubtedly a figure of curiosity.

So, if you are wondering about exploring Vera Davich, this article will intensely discuss all the bare glimpses of Vera’s life from where it started to where she is now.

Profile Summary

Full Name  Vera Davich
Famous For  Marriage to actor Scott Patterson
Age  Mid-50s (exact age not disclosed)
Height  5 feet 5 inches (167.64 cm)
Weight  56 kg (123.456 pounds)
Hair Color  Brown
Ethnicity  White
Religion  Christianity
Marital Status  Divorced (from Scott Patterson)
Current Status  Lives a private life, away from public attention
Hobbies  Reading, drawing, cooking, loves animals

Who is Vera Davich?

Vera Davich is known as an extraordinary person and the ex-wife of a famous American actor named Scott Patterson. For many of us, Vera Davich is a new name that you might not have heard in movies on TV like Scott Patterson.

For a long time, she was in a relationship and was married to Scott Patterson, She was an exceptional person for Scott Patterson and was known for fulfilling the head duties of wifey. She kept her personal life private and was not open to the public. 

Vera Davich’s Early Life and Education

Vera Davich was once a little girl, and she grew up going to junior school and learning new things from the very start. As a young girl, she loved to play with her friends and had many favorite subjects in school.

Moreover, She was excellent at studying and loved completing homework and taking the test.  Vera Davich puts early life into a subject or Discovering education how to read, write and do different solutions of mathematics as maths was her favorite subject.

According to our information, Vera’s parents are highly focused on giving their children a good education. As far as the school is concerned, she went to Haddon Field Memorial High School.

Vera Davich’s Family Life

Vera Davich was grouped in a family with her mom and dad, who were highly caring and always there for the little girl. She always had a good family life, including family dinners, birthday parties, and holidays.

Moreover, His father was a private employee, and she also had brothers and sisters with whom she spent all her childhood and shared secrets. 

Who was Vera Davich’s Ex-husband?

Scott Patterson

Vera Davich, in her teenage age, had an extraordinary friend who turned into her husband. His name was Scott Patterson, best known for his role in Gilmore Girls and films like Saw IV and Saw V. You might have known him for a long time by watching him on the television screen.

After finishing school, Veera and Scott Patterson understood that this friendship was not just a friendship. It’s a long-lasting love that enhances both. Hence, they decide to marry as they greatly like each other. 

Well, we know that being married is one of the best feelings that ever occurred to any love birds. The same is the case with Vera Devich and Scott Patterson. They have been living together as friends and now as husband and wife, but unfortunately, it didn’t last forever.

Soon after getting married, they understood that they could be good friends but can’t be perfect husband and wife, and this is what happens to find better friends and better life partners. Thus, they decided to choose different paths of the adventure separately. 

Vera Davich’s Physical Details

Vera Davich, the ex-wife of Scott Patterson, is known to be in her mid-50s, although her exact age has not been publicly disclosed.

Vera stands an impressive height of 5 feet 5 inches (167.64 cm); she presents a pretty figure that aligns well with the average stature of women. Vera maintains a weight of around 56 kg (123.456 pounds) and she always goes towards maintaining herself. She is highly focused on her physical appearance.

Her appearance is characterized by her brown eyes and matching brown hair, which complement her overall aesthetic and charm. Ethnically, Vera is of white descent, adding to her distinct personal identity.

From the start, she has been following Christianity and Christian rituals. She is quite a good question, following every Christian ritual and attending churches on Sundays as well.

Vera Davich Scott Peterson’s Wife in the Spotlight 

Vera has always had a simple life, yet she gained public attention after marrying Scott Patterson. At the same time, she and Scott Patterson Petition have been close friends since high school, as they were studying in the same class and school.

After realizing their friendship into love, they started dating and, after several days, decided to get engaged. The young couple got married in a private small ceremony in 1983. The couple kept their wedding venue details away from public attention.

Soon after their marriage, Scott Patterson also gained a lot of duplicates and became a celebrity actor in the USA. He debuted very successfully in a 1993 Castle Rocks Little Big League film. 

Vera Davich & Scott Patterson Divorced After Two Years

It’s pretty surprising for everyone that the couple who loved a lot and had dated for years and were friends from high school got separated in just two years. While the two in 1985 announced their divorce.

Their divorce dispute came as a major shock for many of the fans as they were pronounced with this couple, however, the controversy that led them towards that is still unknown. 

Why did Vera Davich divorce, Scott Patterson?

It was still unknown, but in the recent interview, when the interviewer asked about the rationale of their separation from Scott Patterson, he mentioned that it was all because of the immaturity. Vera now has decided to stay silent on the scott’s remarks. 

Scott Patterson, on the other after the divorce, started dating another woman and actress Kristine Saryan. Their wedding took place at a closed location in 2014. While Vera Davich hasn’t been married. Scott and Kristine have a son as well, whose name is Nicolas Petterson.

Where is Vera Davich Now?

After the divorce from Scott, Vera lives an exceptionally personal and private life and stays away from public attention. She doesn’t have any social media presence. This creates much more difficulty in tracking her down.

On the other hand, their ex-husband of Vera, Scott Patterson in 1988 launched the Arclight Theatre in New York City. This theatre has come up with a lot of numerous movies and TV shows, God.

Vera Davich’s Net Worth 

As she lives a very private life, we don’t have any information about her net worth, but it is estimated that she might have a lot of Gold and diamonds in her net worth. Still, it’s just an estimate. However, Scott Patterson’s net worth is almost $15 million.

What are the hobbies of Vera Davich? 

  • Vera Davich loves to spend her time doing fun things. 
  • She greatly enjoys reading unique books about the magical palace and exciting adventures. 
  • She loves to draw different things. She is highly creative and has a great imagination. 
  • She loves animals, too. 
  • Cooking is also one of the best hobbies of a Vera Davich she loves to create new and new recipes every time 

So these are the few things that we know about Vera Davich, which also make her personality so much better. 

Final Thoughts

We discussed all the basics about Vera Davich and concluded that she had been a trendy figure due to her marriage relationship with Scott Patterson. Yet, their marriage was short-lived, and soon in two years, they separated. 


What is Vera Davich famous for?

She is known in LimeLight because of her marriage to Scott Patterson.

Did Vera and Scott Patterson have any children?

Unfortunately, this is a secret part, but according to the details, they don’t have any children from their marriage.

Is Vera on TV or in movies?

No, Vera is a highly secretive person and is not on TV shows. She likes to live her life privately, away from cameras.