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Meet Wendy Williams’ First Husband Bert Girigorie: All About their Marriage & Divorce



Wendy Williams' First Husband Bert Girigorie: All About their Marriage & Divorce

We all know that Wendy Williams, often known as the Wendy Williams Hunter, is a popular American formal broadcaster and media personality who has been in the spotlight for years due to her amazing work in the industry. In her career, she has hosted various national television talk shows.

Well, when it comes to her personal life, she was married twice, to a first husband, Bert Girigorie, and a second husband, Kevin Hunter.

However, the first husband of Wendy Williams, Bert Girigorie, has always been the talk of the town due to his marriage to a popular figure. Surely, you will be thinking about the reason behind the popularity of Bert Girigorie.

In this article, we will discuss about Wendy Williams’s first husband, Bert Girigorie.

Profile Summary

Full Name Bert Girigorie
Popular For Wendy William’s First Husband
Profession Marketing Agency
Estimated Net Worth 700,000 dollars
Age 60 years old
Birth Date 13 March
Birth Sign Pisces
Nationality American

Who is Bert Girigorie?

Bert Girigorie is known as the first husband of Williams; apart from that, he is a sales and marketing professional. He belongs to the small town of Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America, and he comes to the spotlight after marrying the popular and famous American writer and broadcaster Wendy Williams.

Bert Girigorie was born on March 13, 1964, in the small town of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, and raised in a Christian family.  Bert had two more siblings; he was the eldest of his siblings and started working at a young age.

Bert Girigorie’s Personal Details

It is always very important to explore the personal details of William’s ex-husband, Bert Girigorie. So, we are going to discuss it below.


Bert Girigorie was born on March 13, 1964. Hence, according to his date of birth, he is currently 60 years old.


He was a good student from the very start. Bert Girigorie completed his high school education at a nearby city school and then went to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, where he completed his degree in sales and marketing.

Zodiac Sign

He holds the zodiac sign of Pisces. Hence, according to his zodiac sign, his nature is very creative; he is very general and known for being a dreamy, impactful, and imaginative person.

Bert Girigorie’s Career

Bert Girigorie started his career by working at Kiss FM as an account executive. He worked there for 5 years and left that job in 1996.

After leaving the FM account executive job, he started working as a sales marketing individual and opted for a career in sales in marketing. According to his Twitter bio, he is currently the president of G2 Marketing. He has been the president of this company since 2010.

This company is a digital marketing agency that is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The company offers a variety of services to all its global users. These services range from mobile development to revenue development, sales marketing strategies, and more.

Bert Girigorie’s Net Worth

According to a recent estimate, the ex-husband of Wendy Williams is estimated to have an overall net worth of 700,000 dollars. While the source of information about his net worth is not official and seems to be entrusted.

So, if you could see that he keeps his source of income secret, then it wouldn’t be wrong. He doesn’t disclose his personal information to himself, nor is he so open to the public.

Bert Girigorie and Wendy Marriage & Divorce

Bert and Wendy Marriage & Divorce

The love story started in 1990. Williams first matched Bert when he was working at a radio station in New York. The couple then dated for the next few years. They suddenly fell in love with each other soon after dating for years and publicly announced they were married until 1994.

However, just after 5 months of marriage, they got separated and got divorced 18 months later in 1995. The reason for the divorce was unknown, but Wendy’s ex-husband mentioned something shocking about Wendy Williams to the court.

What has Bert Girigorie Alleged about Wendy?

During the court petition for divorce, Wendy’s husband, Bert Girigorie, alleged the court with something shocking. He mentions in court that Wendy Williams takes substances and probably has addiction problems. He mentioned that the substances she took led her to abusive behavior, which is one of the primary causes of their separation and divorce.

Moreover, he said that this intake and addiction problems of Wendy Williams also led to their short-time love and marriage. While further discussing, he claimed that after taking those substances, Wendy changed into a completely different person. Thus, it makes our relationship very strained.

Bert Talks about Divorce in an Interview

The husband of Wendy, Bert Girigorie, in an interview with RadarOnline back in 2019, mentioned his divorce as being at a loss. In an interview, he mentioned that he was unaware of Wendy’s drug use.

However, after a few months, he realized that she was addicted to drugs, and this was explained through her behavior as well. He further states that Wendy Williams’ addiction is the major thing that led their marriage downhill.

Who is Wendy Married to After Bert?

Wendy Williams, after the divorce from Bert, married Kevin Hunter. She disclosed her relationship with Kevin Hunter in 1994. However, they both got divorced in 2020. The couple stayed together for 25 years and had a great time together.

Wendy William Children’s

Wendy has no kids from her first husband. However, she has one son from her second husband, Kevin Hunter, whose name is Kevin Hunter Jr. He was born in August 2000.

Is Bert Girigorie Married now?

According to the sources, he seems to be single. He lives a very private lifestyle and does not disclose his life in public. He has not opened his love life to the public since after separating from Wendy in 1990.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we have discussed all the basic details about Wendy Williams and her husband, Bert Girigorie. The couple has a short-time love story due to Wendy’s addiction, which has made their relationship very strained. On the other hand, Bert Girigorie, after the divorce, is living a single life and fully focusing on his career.

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