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Meet Tom Selleck’s Adopted Son’ Kevin Selleck: Biography, Career & Net Worth



Tom Selleck’s Adopted Son' Kevin Selleck

We all know of Tom Selleck, a Hollywood star best known in the industry for his talent and skills as a private investigator, Thomas Magnum in the popular TV series Magnum. His excellent acting skills and charismatic personality have captivated audiences from all around the world. Well, apart from his performance, Tom Selleck is also known as a dedicated family man who is happy in his family life and has two children. 

One of them is his adopted son, Kevin Selleck. If you are a fan of Tom Selleck, then sure you will be so excited to explore his journey and especially about his adopted son Kevin Selleck, who Kevin Selleck is, what he is doing right now, and what is his net worth and more.

So, in the article, we will explore Kevin Selleck, Tom Selleck’s adopted son. 

Kevin Selleck Profile Summary

Full Name Kevin Shepard Selleck
Date Of Birth 1966
Place Of Birth United States of America
Age as of 2024 58 Years
Nationality American
Height 6 Feet And 3 Inches
Spouse Annabelle Selleck
Step Father Tom Selleck
Mother Jacqueline Ray
Profession Actor And Musician
Net Worth $18 Million

Who Is Kevin Selleck?

Kevin Selleck

Kevin Selleck is an American actor and musician famous in the American industry. He is known as the adopted son of Tom aswell. Well, the life of Kevin Selleck was not so smooth, and he faced a lot in his childhood, especially after his parent’s divorce when he was pretty young back in 1982. Soon, his life changes, and he faces many challenges. 

However, during all this, he gets a lot of support from his stepfather, Tom Selleck. His stepfather is a person with a great, humble nature. He supported his stepson, Kevin Selleck, in every phase of his life helping him land an excellent role and making him figure out a role in the Hollywood film industry. 

Kevin Selleck Biography 

Kevin Selleck was born in 1966 to a former model, Jacqueline Ray. Her mother, Jacqueline Ray, was a popular model in the time of 1960s and is famous for her significant roles in films like Beyond the Universe, Magnum, P.I. (1980), and In Like Flint (1967). Well, Jacqueline didn’t open up a lot about his son’s real biological father. All we know about his father is that his last name is Shephard. Kevin Selleck’s mother and biological father married in the 1960s.

However, it is stated that his biological parents got separated when he was a young child. After that, his mother married Tom Selleck, who accepted Kevin Selleck as his real son. Tom Selleck adopted Kevin Selleck as his child on 7th August 1987.

Over the whole time, he was of great support to his son. However, Tom Selleck and Kevin Selleck’s mother, Jacqueline were married for almost 11 years, but unfortunately, the couple divorced again in August 1982. Despite the divorce, Tom Selleck plays a vital and significant role in Kevin Selleck’s life. 

After the divorce from Jacqueline, Tom married his second wife, Jillie Joan Mack and welcomed a daughter, Hannah Margaret Selleck. However, Tom Selleck’s daughter does not select a career in entertainment and acting like his father; instead, she practices Equestrian.

Education Of Kevin Selleck 

Kevin Selleck is not an extrovert about his details. He completed his high school education in Los Angeles, California. Later, after completing his high education, he joined the rock music band and started his career. He didn’t open up about his further education. So, we need to find out whether he continued his education after high school or just began his career after high school. 

Kevin Selleck’s Personal Life 

Kevin Selleck, as you know, is highly secretive and dislikes sharing his personal life and personal details with everyone in the media. He keeps most of his personal information out of LimeLight.

However, Tom Selleck’s adopted son, Kevin Selleck is a married man. His wife’s name is Annabelle Selleck. Annabelle is a pet food company owner and a costume designer. The couple shares a great bond. Annabelle and Kevin Selleck have six children together. Well, there isn’t much information about his children and personal family life.

The Career Journey Of Kevin Selleck 

Kevin Selleck started his career in 1993. Just after completing high school, he joined the American Rock band. The band’s name was Tonic. At the band, he played the role of drummer as he had a great interest in playing drums and was perfect in doing it. The band got publicity after releasing their first album, Lemon Parade, in 1996 and the single If You Can Only Watch. The tonic band on it received much attention from people around. However, despite the popularity, the band split due to a few circumstances that were still not identified. 

Soon after leaving the band, Kevin Selleck understood his real motive and started his career in the entertainment industry. He didn’t give up despite all the ups and downs. Kevin Selleck debuted his acting in the Hollywood industry through a TV serial called Magnum P.i in 1987. In that show, he played an exemplary role and gained a lot of popularity as an actor. 

Something About Kevin Selleck And The Tonic Band

Kevin Selleck is a professional musician and famous actor. He started his career as a musician in 1993 with the band Tonic, where he was a composer and drummer. Jess Russo was the lead guitarist and backup vocalist for that band. At the same time, Dan Roth could be the drummer and the backup vocalist. Emerson Hart was the lead vocalist of a tonic band. The guitarist in the band was Dan Laurie.

Kevin Selleck’s Net Worth 

According to recent resources, Kevin Selleck’s network is estimated to be almost 18 million dollars. This net worth is derived from his acting in the Hollywood industry and his incredible voice as a musician.

On the other hand, his stepfather, Tom Selleck, is also a wealthy man and has worked in the industry for a long time. Tom Selleck’s net worth is collectively estimated to be 45 million dollars. 

Final Thought 

We discussed Tom Selleck and his adopted son, Kevin Selleck. After all the discussion, we concluded that Kevin Selleck is a recognized artist with the talent of being a musician and actor.


What Is the name of Kevin Selleck’s mother? 

Jacqueline Ray is Kevin Selleck’s mother. 

What happened to Kevin Selleck’s mother? 

The mother of Kevin Selleck is currently in jail, serving an 18-year sentence in prison for being charged and directly involved in the murder of son in law. 

How many siblings does Kevin Selleck have? 

Kevin Selleck has two siblings: a sister named Hannah Margaret and a half-sister, Emeka Ray. Emeka is from his mother’s third marriage.

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