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Justin Waller: Biography, Net Worth and His RedIron Construction Business in 2024



Justin Waller: Biography, Net Worth and His RedIron Construction Business in 2024

Justin Waller is one of the closest and most controversial figures in the social media world. He is a close friend of Andrew and Tristan Tate and has gained a massive following due to his immense success. Justin inspired many people as he started from zero, but today, he is the CEO of one of the largest construction companies.

Justin is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and internet personality. With his hard work and success in the industry, he founded RedIron Construction Company, which is now one of the largest metal-building companies in the USA.

Surely, after reading this, you want to learn a lot about Justin Waller and his entrepreneurial journey, along with his net worth and personal details. So, in the article, we will discuss all the basic details about Justin Waller. So, let’s explore him.

Justin Waller Profile Summary

Full Name Justin Waller
Date of Birth December 4, 1985
Place of Birth Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA
Nationality American
Spouse Alice Waller
Age 38 years (as of 2024)
Children Two
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Religion Christianity
Parents Douglas Waller and Julie Carpenter
Net Worth $10 and 20 million

Justin Waller’s Biography

Justin Waller is an entrepreneur and real estate investor who was born on December 4, 1985, in Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA. His parents are Douglas Waller and Julie Carpenter. Justin Waller has siblings named Jessica, Kristen, Ben, and Elijah.

However, according to Justin Waller, he had a humble family, with a family that loved each other, and he lived in a trailer park. However he was from a lower-middle-class family, but it didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Furthermore, Justin attended Denham Springs High School. His impressive performance earned him a Division I college football scholarship from the University of Louisiana Monroe. In 2009, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Construction Management.

Justin Waller’s Education Background

Justin Waller completed his high school education at Denham Springs High School. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2005. During his time there, he focused on construction management.

In 2009, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Construction Management. This educational background laid the foundation for his successful career in the construction industry and as an entrepreneur.

Justin Waller’s Age

As of 2024, successful entrepreneur and real estate owner Justin Waller is 39 years old. He was born on December 4, 1985, in Denham Springs. Justin’s nationality is American and belongs to the white ethnicity, and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Justin Waller Parent’s

Justin Waller’s parents were Douglas Bowler and Julie Cawthe. His father was the manager at barbecue waste in West Manor, while his mother was a housewife. Justin Waller grew up along with his four siblings: two sisters, Jessica and Christian, and two brothers, Ben and Elijah.

Justin Waller Wife

The internet personality has been married to Alice Waller. They married in 2010, and it’s been a decade since their marriage. The couple had two children. Justin Waller always tries to keep his wife out of Limelight, so he’s not open about his personal life much. However, the family of Justin Waller currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

Justin Waller’s Business Life

From the beginning of his childhood, Justin Waller always wanted to make money. He was from a lower middle-class background and faced many financial problems, but he always wanted financial stability. After graduating from college in the middle of 2009, Justin Waller decided to work hard and prove himself in construction projects.

You might have heard that hard work always pays off, and that’s the case with Justin. His passion and hard work secured everything. Now, in today’s world, he is the founder and CEO of RedIron Construction Company, a multimillion-dollar company specializing in metal building. The company is open in 10 states and has 90 people in the workforce. It is also awarded for being the youngest metal building contractor and Erectors Association McBea board member.

Justin Waller’s Career

Justin Waller is a real estate entrepreneur and a well-known social media personality. According to his LinkedIn profile, he started his practical life as a sales representative and cashier at High Freight Tools between 2003 and 2005.

During his career, Justin Waller has also worked in Phil Cawthon construction and labor companies. He worked there between August 1999 and January 2009. Before this job, he also worked as a traffic controller at Austin Bridge as a cost analyst at Garden Industry LLC for almost five months.

Hence, Justin Waller was a very popular internet personality and an experienced person who knows how to consume his potential correctly. He also owns his YouTube channel, but it has been terminated due to his violation of the YouTube terms of service.

Justin Waller and Andrew Relation

Justin Waller and Andrew Relation

Justin Waller and Andrew Tate share a very close friendship and professional partnership. They are both entrepreneurs with positive thinking and a successful journey. Justin Waller started his YouTube channel with Andrew’s encouragement, so you can understand how much they influence each other.

Justin Waller’s YouTube Channel

In 2021, Justin Waller also launched a YouTube channel named Jwaller. He created this channel to achieve financial and personal goals, but it was banned in 2024. Many people want to know why this channel was banned, so we have discussed it below.

Reason for YouTube Channel Ban

Justin Waller’s YouTube channel got banned due to its collaboration with Andrew Tate’s online business school. In 2024, the Andrew Tate channel was constantly criticized for exploiting teenage boys. The YouTube channel Justin Waller has been seeing promotes the online business school.

Thus, YouTube terminated four channels affiliated with that online Business School. One of those channels is Justin Waller’s main YouTube channel, which at that time had 400,000 subscribers and 93 million views. 

Justin Waller’s Net Worth

According to the magazine, Justin Waller’s net worth is between 10 and 20 million dollars. Justin accumulated this from his construction business, RedIronn, and his real estate investments.

Final Thoughts

Justin Waller is a successful entrepreneur and an internet personality. He has always wanted to succeed in life, and with his dedication and passion, he did it.


What is Justin Waller’s height?

Justin Waller is 6 feet 3 inches tall, or almost 191 cm. He has quite a good height.

What is Justin Waller’s Weight?

He weighs almost 235 pounds, which is 107 kilograms.

Is Justin Waller married?

Yes, Justin Waller is married to the entrepreneur Alice Waller.

Does Justin Waller have any siblings?

Yes, Justin grew up with four siblings: Jessica, Kristen, Ben, and Elijah.