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Who is Claudia Haro? Biography of New Nightmare Actress and Wife of Joe Pesci



Who is Claudia Haro? Biography of New Nightmare Actress and Wife of Joe Pesci

Claudia Haro is a famous retired American actress who made her mark in horror films. She is best known for her role as the New Line Cinema receptionist in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, which was a big success in her acting career.

However, in early 2000, she was in the headlines for being suspected of attempting to eliminate her ex-husband, Garrett Warren, by hiring a Hitman. This shocking news left many people wondering: Is it true or just a rumor? Was Claudia Haro really involved in such a serious crime?

In this article, we will explore Claudia Haro’s life in detail. We’ll look at her biography, career, children, and the truth behind the allegations against her. Let’s find it out!

Profile Summary of Claudia Haro

Full Name Claudia Martha Haro
Date of Birth October 17, 1967
Age 57 years
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 60 kg
Profession Actress, Model
Known For New Nightmare role
Marriages Joe Pesci, Garrett Warren
Children Tiffany Pesci, Kaylie Warren
Net Worth $12 million

Who is Claudia Haro?

Claudia Hero is a well-known American actress and model who goes viral due to her acting roles and excellent modeling looks. Claudia is best known for being the ex-wife of Joe Pesci and Garrett Warren. Claudia’s career began back in 1980 and continued until 2000. In her career, she has appeared in several films, including Jimmy Hollywood and Gone Fishin.

However, Claudia’s life has been a roller coaster of happiness and sadness, with many ups and downs. She had a wonderful life, but things fell apart in the 2000s. Unfortunately, In 2000, she got divorced from her second husband, Garrett Warren, which made her life even more difficult.

Claudia Haro Biography

Claudia’s full name is Claudia Martha Haro. She is an American citizen and is of white ethnicity. Claudia was born on October 17, 1967, and is 57 years old as of 2024. Her zodiac sign is Libra. People with a Libra sign are known to be very diplomatic and intellectual, with an idealistic approach, just like Claudia.

Regarding her parents’ details, Claudia always refrains from sharing personal information about her childhood and parents. She keeps all such details secret from the media. However, from her court cases and documents, we know that she has a brother named Manuel Haro.

Claudia’s Career in Hollywood 

Claudia Haro began her professional career as a model back in the 1970s. She was known as a famous American model who has worked with several brands and was married in 1980 to Joe Pesci.

Later, after their marriage to Joe, she was introduced to the film industry and landed her first role as a newscaster in 1994 in a comedy film, Jimmy Hollywood. Later, with excellent acting skills, she landed other primary film roles. The movies where she worked include Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Casino, Gone Fishin’, and With Honors.

Claudia’s Husbands – Joe Pesci and Garrett Warren

Claudia Hero Husband

Claudia Haro does not have a husband right now. She has been married and divorced twice. Claudia first married actor Joe Pesci in 1988, but their marriage ended in 1992. Joe Pesci is famous for his roles in crime movies like the additional mobster Russell Bufalino. There have been rumors that Claudia and Joe maintained a relationship even after their divorce, which is quite shocking for her fans.

After divorcing Joe, Claudia married Garrett Warren, a well-known Hollywood stuntman, in 1998. He has worked on various projects, including Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. However, their marriage faced many issues, and they divorced in 2000.

The divorce was bitter, and during this time, Garrett lost his right eye in a violent attack. Claudia was later sentenced to prison for her involvement in the attack.

Claudia Haro’s Dating History

After her second divorce, Claudia Haro dated Russell Armstrong in 2003. However, the couple broke up on August 7, 2004. The reason for their breakup was that Russell’s wife subjected Claudia to physical and verbal abuse. After their relationship ended, Claudia filed a case against Russell’s wife.

In 2005, Russell married Taylor Armstrong. However, their marriage was short-lived. Tragically, on August 15, 2011, Russell committed suicide.

Claudia Haro Children

Claudia Haro had two daughters from her previous marriages. In 1990, Claudia welcomed her first daughter from Joe Pesci. They named their daughter Tiffany Pesci. Claudia’s second daughter was from her marriage to Garrett Waren. Her second daughter’s name was Kaylie.  After Claudia and Garrett divorced, Garrett won custody of his daughter Kaylie led to further events.

Prison Sentence Time of Claudia

In May 2000, just before their divorce, Garret was attacked. He was shot four times in his own house. However, luckily, he survived the attack. After the attack, Garett was taken to the Northwest Hospital and Medical Center, where he filed the case with the help of a detective from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. 

He accused his ex-wife, Claudia Haro, of this attack. Claudia denied all the accusations, but she came into the headlines for being charged with the attempted murder case of her ex-husband. Later, after a lengthy investigation, it was found that Claudia ordered the hitmen to attack his ex-husband. Hence, she was arrested in December 2005. 

In April 2012, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge sentenced Claudia Haro to 12 years and four months in prison. She was sent to the California Institution for Women in Corona, California. However, her prison time was reduced due to good behavior, and Claudia was released in August 2019.

Claudia’s Physical Appearance

Claudia Haro, born in 1967, is a former actress who keeps herself in great shape even at 57. She is about 5 feet 8 inches tall, considered a nice height for women. She weighs around 60 kg and maintains her weight through proper dieting and self-care. Claudia’s dedication to staying fit shows in her well-maintained appearance.

Claudia Hero’s Net Worth

Claudia Hero is an American model and actress whose career has involved accusations of murder cases. At the same time, Claudia has accumulated a $12 million net worth from her career, showing Claudius’s power and immense fortune. 

Final Thoughts

Claudia, the famous American legendary actress, lives a very private life. She is not active on social media or expressive about her personal life. Above, we have discussed everything about Claudia Haro, from her family life to her career.


Who shot Garrett Warren?

Garrett was shot by his ex-wife Claudia. She ordered the Hitman to murder Garrett.

What happened to Claudia Haro?

Claudia was accused of the murder case. Hence, she was sentenced to 12 years and four months.

Who is Trudy in the Casino movie?

Trudy, in the movie Casino, is a character played by Claudia Haro.