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Renting a Car in Kyiv by the Day is an Best Alternative to a Taxi



Renting a Car in Kyiv by the Day is an Alternative to a Taxi

In the capital, you can call a taxi in a matter of minutes because the competition in this area is quite significant, and each company tries to provide cars as quickly as possible.

If we are talking about a one-time trip, then a taxi is an ideal way to get to the right place quickly and relatively inexpensively.

However, when not 1-2 trips per day are planned but a larger number or there is a need to travel around the city for several days or weeks, then taxi trips can significantly hit the pocket.

In this case, the best solution would be to rent a car. Renting a car in Kyiv by the day is as convenient a service as a taxi, but it has obvious advantages.

Rent a car in Kyiv by the day: one car – many possibilities

One of the popular car rental companies in Kyiv is Car Rent UA, where you can rent a car for any period from 1 day.

Car rental for a day is usually ordered by clients who need to be as mobile as possible during the day and do not want to waste time ordering a taxi and waiting for it. And it is much more convenient when the car is available for use at the first need.

Rent a car

Car Rent UA clients most often state the following reasons for short-term car rental:

  • city tours, trips to places of interest in Kyiv, visits to monuments;
  • solving work tasks that involve traveling around the city;
  • trips in connection with the resolution of personal matters;
  • meeting and escorting guests to railway or bus stations in Kyiv;
  • visits to doctors, trips to medical institutions located in different parts of the city;
  • moving and transporting small items from the old place of residence to the new one;
  • photo sessions and various themed parties that require a spectacular car “for a beautiful shot”.

In addition, car rental makes it possible to choose a car that will best meet the client’s needs. For example, you can take an economical and compact sedan for trips on personal business and a large and spacious SUV for transferring relatives from the station.

How to rent a car for 1 day?

Regardless of the rental period, for 1 day or a month, the algorithm for renting a car is the same.

  1. The client chooses a car on the company’s website from the models available for rent or expresses his wishes to the manager over the phone.
  2. The next stage is the reservation of the car with the determination of the rental date and term.
  3. Submission of documents (passport and driver’s license) for the preparation of a lease agreement. To speed up the process, you can send a photo of the documents to one of the company’s messengers.
  4. The signing of the contract between the client and the company.
  5. Obtaining the car for use by the driver.

If you need to rent a car urgently, you can order its delivery to the desired address. In this case, the lease agreement is signed on the spot.

You can also book a car in advance, for example, for a vacation or an important trip. This will ensure that the selected car will be available on the desired date.

Car rental at Car Rent UA is reliable and transparent

Car Rent UA clients can be sure of the technical condition of the cars in the company’s fleet, because all of them are regularly inspected.

Renting a Car in Kyiv by the Day is an Alternative to a Taxi

In addition, cars are insured, so in case of any unforeseen situation on the road, the driver can count on the insurance company’s support.

The rental agreement concluded with the company’s clients is clear and transparent, without any pitfalls and additional conditions written in fine print at the bottom of the document.

So, go to the Car Rent UA website and choose a car that will meet your needs and wishes! The company offers competitive prices and favorable rental conditions, as well as interesting promotional offers that allow you to rent a car inexpensively for 1 day or any other period.

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