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Biography of Michael Dmitri Ingraham: Laura Ingraham’s Adopted Son



Biography of Michael Dmitri Ingraham: Laura Ingraham's Adopted Son

Are you a fan of the famous American TV host Laura? Do you want to know about Laura adopted son and about his family? In this article, we are going to explore it. Well, Laura is one of the most famous American television hosts who is known for hosting a program named The Ingraham Angle. This show was hosted and was run on Fox News channel for almost a decade. While the successful host of this show, Laura has an adopted son named Michael Dmitri Ingraham.

Michael Dmitri Ingraham is Laura’s adopted son and was born in June 2008 in Moscow, Russia. While he was the child of someone else. Laura accepted him as her own when he was only one year old and considered him a part of her family. Michael Dmitri Ingraham is known to be Laura’s third adopted child. Maria Carolina Ingraham and Nikolai Peter Ingraham were the other adopted children of Laura.

For this reason and for being so open-minded about adoption, the Ingraham family is very well known and receives a lot of appreciation from people worldwide. Well, if you want to find Michael Dmitri Ingraham’s biography, all we know about Michael Dmitri Ingraham is after his adoption by Laura.

Profile Summary

Full Name Michael Dmitri Ingraham
Date of Birth June 1, 2008
Place of birth Moscow, Russia
Adopted by Laura Ingraham
Adoption Year 2009
Siblings Maria Caroline Ingraham and Nikolai Peter Ingraham
Mother’s Profession Fox News Host
Current Age 14 Years
Current Location Mclean, Virginia
Education Private High School, Mclean, Virginia
Career Aspirations Exploring various interests

How was Michael Dmitri Ingraham adopted?

Michael Dmitri Ingraham was adopted by Laura back in June 2009, when Michael Dmitri Ingraham was only one year old. The adoption process of Michael Dmitri Ingraham was quite challenging for Laura as Michael was at that time in Russia, and the Russian government was very reluctant to allow the Americans to adopt the Russian children, which was really hard to get Michael Dmitri Ingraham.

During her process of adoption, not only the government but also society made the process even more difficult for a single parent, as many people mostly preferred to give the kids to the couple, not to a single parent; this made Laura’s case much weaker.

Yet, despite all the challenges, she didn’t give up. She stood by Michael and kept working harder. Finally, after a lot of challenges, Laura got control of Michael Dmitri Ingraham. Laura announced the successful adoption of Michael Dmitri Ingraham.

However, after adopting the Russian child, many people in American society marked Laura as a hypocritical woman. Due to this, Laura receives many back-comments from her society, yet she manages all of them.

Early Life Family Background Of Michael Dmitri Ingraham

Michael Dmitri Ingraham was born in Moscow, Russia, back in June 2008. The popular television host of American TV News adopted Michael Dmitri Ingraham when he was a year old. Laura expanded her family by adopting different children.

She first obtained Maria Carolina from Mexico City. Laura then adopted Nikolai Peter from Russia, and later, she adopted Michael Dmitri Ingraham from Russia, making Michael Dmitri Ingraham not alone but with three brothers and sisters. The uncle of Michael is Curtis Ingraham, while the grandparents of Michael Dmitri Ingraham are James Reddick Ingraham and Anie Carolina.

Michael Dmitri Educational Journey

Michael Dmitri Ingraham’s education journey is not that long, as he is just in high school right now and is figuring out what exactly he likes and what to select for college. However, Michael Dmitri Ingraham attends a private high school in Mclean, Virginia.

Apart from his school, Michael Dmitri Ingraham doesn’t choose any job. Michael is looking into different fields to find the right field option for him that he wants to pursue. However, it is rumoured that Michael is planning to join the media industry just like his mother.

Who are the Parents of Michael Dmitri?

Michael Dmitri’s mother is a famous TV host on Fox TV, Laura Ingraham. The details of his father are not open to the media, and no one knows about him. Laura is the single mother of three adopted children: Maria Carolina Nikolai Peter and Michael Dmitri Ingraham Dimitri.

Well, one of the most striking things was that none of these children are of Laura; they are all adopted by Laura, who is a single mother of all your children. Even though Laura is a single woman and has never been married, she knows how to raise her three adopted children, loving them as her own. For this reason, many people appreciate Laura, as she strikes the perfect balance between her responsibilities and her working life, which is very difficult for a single parent, but Laura, with her patience and love, did it.

Michael Dmitri Ingraham’s Mother, Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham was born on June 19, 1963, in the town of Glastonbury, Connecticut. As she grew up, she became a very prominent conservative television host in the United States of America and received a lot of appreciation. She also worked as an operator of Lifezette. While in her education, she didn’t take up any tuition. She completed her college at Dartmouth College. After college, she completed her degree in law from the University of Virginia School of Law.

Later, after completing her degree, she worked for Regan after Regan started working in a big law business that was based in New York City in 1998.

Later, in 1990, she switched her field and started working in the media industry. Laura started her media career with a radio show named The Laura Ingraham Show. Then, she joined the Fox News channel and started hosting a show called The Ingraham Angle, which became a top-rated show and gave her a lot of publicity.

In her personal life, Laura is single and never married to anyone. Yet she adopted three children as she loves children and raised them as her own.

Michael Dmitri Ingraham’s Siblings

Michael Dmitri Ingraham has two siblings. His mother adopted his sister Maria Caroline from Guatemala back in 2008. Moreover, his brother was adopted from Russia; his name was Nicolai Peter Ingraham. You will be wondering about exploring something about the siblings of Michael Dmitri Ingraham. So we will discuss it!

Nicolai Peter  Ingraham

Nicolai Peter Ingraham was born in Moscow City, Russia, in 2010. He became part of the  Ingraham family when he was one year old. According to a recent estimate, Nicolai is now 13 years old and attending school. Nicolai, according to Laura, is a mixture of all the natures. He is stubborn, cute, smart, and full of kindness.

Maria Caroline Ingraham

Laura Ingraham adopted a daughter named Maria Caroline Ingraham. She was born in 2005 but was adopted in 2008. Maria was born in the USA and grew up there. She was also seen with Laura at different TV events.

What makes the Ingraham family different?

One of the best parts of this family that makes the Ingraham different is that they all love each other, even though they are not connected by blood but by love. All of the family members are from unique and different places, yet they all love each other. Thus, this makes the Michael Dmitri Ingraham family different from all of them.

Public Controversies About Laura

Laura has also been criticized due to her views on different things, especially regarding gay and student loans. In the past, Laura chose to send a delegation to gay students association meetings, secretly helping them fight. Laura had a lot of trouble due to this, yet with her dedication, she changed a lot of people’s thinking.

Net Worth Of Laura Ingraham

Laura’s children don’t have a worth of their own as they are young and are in school. So they don’t have their own net worth, yet the mother of all, Laura Ingraham, is a very reputable television host and has a vast net worth. Not only this, she is also the CEO of the Ingraham Media Group and has authored six best-selling books. According to a recent estimate from sources, Laura’s net worth is 45 million dollars.

Final Thoughts

In last, Michael Dmitri Ingraham’s story is a heartwarming tale of love and family that transcends traditional boundaries. Adopted by the renowned television host Laura Ingraham, Michael and his siblings have been nurtured in a household filled with care and opportunity. Laura’s journey as a single mother and influential media figure showcases her dedication to her family and her professional life, making their story an inspiring example of perseverance and unconditional love.