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Who is Javaughn J. Porter? Meet Rapper Blueface Son with Jaidyn Alexis



Javaughn J. Porter: Meet Rapper Blueface Son with Jaidyn Alexis

Javaughn J. Porter is the son of the famous American rapper Blueface. He is known as a celebrity kid because his father is well-known for making popular songs like Respect My Crippin, Thotiana, and Farianq. Many people want to know about Javaughn and why he is considered famous.

Javaughn is considered a celebrity kid mainly because of his father’s fame. Blueface has released many hit songs, which make him a popular figure in the music world. As of 2024, Javaughn is only seven years old. Despite his young age, he has appeared in some of his father’s music videos, including Daddy, and Dead Locs.

Blueface says his son, Javaughn J. Porter loves to spend time with his mother. He mentioned this in an interview back in 2019. There, he did his best to provide a positive example for the kids. In this article, we will discuss everything about Javaughn J. Porter, the son of famous rappers Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis.

Javaughn J. Porter Profile Summary

Full Name Javaughn Johnathan Porter
Know as Javaughn J. Porter
Gender Male
Age 7 years (as of 2024)
Date of birth 29th April 2017
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, USA
Zodiac sign Taurus
Education Middle school
Nationality American
Parents Blueface (Father) and Jaidyn Alexis (Mother)
Siblings Journey Alexis Porter (Younger sister)

Who is Javaughn J. Porter?

Javaughn J. Porter is the son of Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis. He was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 29, 2017. Javaughn has a mixed-race background. His father, Blueface, is of African American and Asian heritage, while his mother, Jaidyn Alexis, is of Mexican heritage.

Javaughn is famous in the entertainment industry because his parents are famous. Even though his parents are well-known, they try to keep Javaughn’s life private and out of the spotlight. They want to respect his privacy and let him enjoy his childhood away from too much public attention.

Javaughn J. Porter’s Age

Many people want to know how old Javaughn J. Porter is. He was born on April 29, 2017, so as of April 2024, he is seven years old. Javaughn’s zodiac sign is Taurus. Well further discusses the characteristics of the Taurus star, adding that people with Taurus are highly loyal and compassionate. 

Javaughn J. Porter’s Career

As a young child, Javaughn J. Porter does not have his own career yet. He is known mainly because he is the son of famous rapper Blueface and social media influencer Jaidyn Alexis. However, Javaughn has appeared in some of his father’s music videos, which has brought him more attention. For now, Javaughn is focused on growing up and enjoying his childhood while his parents work to keep his life private and normal.

Even though he is still young, Javaughn has started entering the entertainment industry. He has been seen in different modeling and advertisement projects, following in his father’s footsteps. He also appeared on the popular television show The Ellen DeGeneres Show and in the short film Welcome to Gizmo City.

Javaughn J. Porter’s Siblings

Javaughn J. Porter’s younger sister, Journey Alexis Porter, was born in August 2020. Javaughn and Journey have a close friendship and often spend time together.

Something about Javaughn J. Porter’s Parents

Something about Javaughn J. Porter's Parents

Parents play an important role in a child’s life, and it’s essential to know about Javaughn’s Parents.

Mother, Jaidyn Alexis

Jaidyn Alexis is the mother of Javaughn J. Porter and the ex-girlfriend of rapper Blueface. She is a popular Instagram model, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. Jaidyn shares pictures and videos of her life and her son Javaughn on Instagram. She is proud of her Mexican heritage and is known for her lively personality and fashion sense.

Jaidyn is the founder and CEO of Baby Face Skin and Body LLC, a beauty and healing company she started in 2020. She is also a singer, with her first single, Stewed, released on June 22, 2023. Other songs by her include Extreme Workouts for Barbie and many more. Jaidyn is signed to Blueface’s music label and is also his business partner.

Father, Blueface

Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter, is a famous American rapper. He was born in Los Angeles, California on January 20, 1997. Blueface became very popular with his viral song Thotiana. People know him for his unique rapping style. Some of his other popular songs include Respect My Crippin and Bleed It.

Blueface started his rap career in 2017 but didn’t become famous until 2018. Despite working hard, he struggled to gain mainstream attention. In 2019, his song Thotiana was remixed with rappers YG and Cardi B, which made him very popular in the industry. Since then, he has continued to grow in fame. Moreover, Blueface has collaborated with several big names in Hip-Hop, including Lil Baby, The Game, Rich the Kid, and Offset.

Javaughn J. Porter’s parents are Still Together

No, Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis are not together as a couple. Jaidyn and Blueface have been dating since high school and are always exemplary in the spotlight. The couple separated because of several disagreements and issues.

Javaughn J. Porter’s parents have been dating since high school. After graduating, they were in an intermediate relationship. The relationship continued until they welcomed their first son, Javaughn J. Porter, into the world in 2017. Later, the arguments went viral, and they could also be seen with some other women, leading to the decreements.

In 2022, Javaughn J. Porter’s mother learned about Blueface’s reality, his parents decided to part ways. This led to disagreements throughout Javaughn’s life and after a lot of the segment.

However, despite all of this, the parents of Javaughn, Blueface, and Jaidyn decided to play a significant part in their parenting, even after their breakup. Currently, Blueface is in a relationship with Chrisean Rock.

Javaughn J. Porter’s Net Worth

Javaughn J. Porter is seven years old, and his net worth is unknown. According to different sources, he is currently dependent on his mother and father, who are even separated. His mother, Jaidyn Alexis, has an estimated net worth of 1 million to 2 million dollars, while his father, Blueface, has a net worth of almost 4 million dollars.

Final Thoughts

Whatever we have discussed are all the details about Javaughn J. Porter, who is a celebrity due to his parents. They have been the face of the music industry. Javaughn has a lot of net worth but has a broken family and the fact that his parents are not living together. Yet they are playing their best possible role in his life.


Where was Javaughn J. Porter Born?

He was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America.

How old is Javaughn J. Porter?

As of 2024, Javaughn is seven years old.

Who are Javaughn J. Porter’s parents?

Javaughn’s parents are rapper Blueface and social media influencer Jaidyn Alexis.

Are Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis still together?

No, Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis are not together as a couple. They have separated but continue to co-parent their children, Javaughn and Journey.

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