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Which Type of Climbing Frame is Best for a Small Garden?



Which type of climbing frame is best for a small garden?

Introducing a climbing frame into your back garden is a game-changer for child development, with a range of benefits for your child’s physical skills and self-confidence.  

They provide hours of entertainment and healthy exercise in the safety and convenience of your own backyard – but they’re often large and sprawling structures. So, what can you do if you would like to install a climbing frame, but your garden is on the smaller side?

There’s no need to miss out on the wonders of a climbing frame for your kids just because you don’t have a lot of outdoor space to work with.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to choosing the right children’s climbing frame for a small garden.

Can you put a climbing frame in a small garden?

Which size is considered a ‘small’ garden can be hard to say, as factors such as the shape and layout of other features will also affect the available space for installing a climbing frame.

First, you should measure the area where you would prefer to position the structure to see what dimensions you’re working with. You can then refer to these measurements when shopping for a model that fits into your garden.

However, you need to remember that if you want a frame with features like swings, you’ll also have to account for the swinging distance to allow children to swing back and forth safely.

No matter their size, climbing frames typically require a perimeter of at least 6 feet or 2 metres on all sides, so you must make sure that you can provide this clearance. Any other objects within this perimeter will pose a safety hazard to anyone using the frame.

Similarly, climbing frames need to be anchored into the ground so they can stand firm without wobbling or moving during all kinds of weather or play. This usually involves driving stakes into the soil or digging holes and filling them with concrete, but you must have enough room horizontally and vertically to allow your preferred anchoring method.

What are the best outdoor climbing frames for small gardens?

There are some compact styles on the market that are specifically designed for use in smaller outdoor spaces, so look out for these compact climbing frames while browsing.

The best small climbing frames are multi-functional without overcrowding, providing a few key elements like a climbing tower and slide or a raised playhouse and slide. This way, they can maximise the use of vertical space over horizontal space.

For example, the range of TP climbing frames available from reliable outdoor play store Wicken Toys includes a compact climbing frame playset with an adjustable footprint.

Consisting of an A-frame single swing set with a small wave slide and ladder attached, children can climb up the ladder and slide down, use the platform at the top of the slide as a tower, or swing away. Multiple kids can also take turns using different parts of the playset.

The best part is that while it comes in a standard size if this is still a little too big for your garden, you can reduce its footprint by adjusting where the slide tower attaches to the swing frame – saving at least 1 metre of space compared to the standard footprint!

This is ideal for most small garden layouts, allowing you to create an exciting little play area with a high-quality product from a leading brand – without requiring DIY or compromising on safety.