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7 Features That Good Daily Driver Cars Have in Common



7 Features That Good Daily Driver Cars Have in Common

Driving is an essential part of life in the United States, with cars used to run errands, go to school, commute to work, or find adventure. The average driver in the U.S. drove nearly 14,000 miles in 2022.

Purchasing a new vehicle is a significant decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s vital to research to find cars that fit your present and future needs.

One of the best ways to start your journey when buying a car is by exploring the features that make good daily driver cars. Knowing the top features will help you find a commuter SUV or car you love driving. Continue reading for seven features to look for when shopping for your next ride!

1. Driver Safety Technology

Driver’s safety technology is a must-have when exploring the features of your favorite makes and models. The technology in these vehicles can save your life and protect your passengers when on the road.

Forward-collision warning features are beneficial when commuting to and from work or school. Your new ride will identify potential hazards from other drivers and debris, warning you and slowing the car.

It’s a feature that plays a substantial role in protecting everyone in your car. The best vehicles for daily driving have several driver safety systems.

2. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Connectivity is the name of the game when shopping for a new car or commuter SUV. A vehicle that syncs with your smartphone allows for hands-free communication and access to your favorite tunes.

Both systems provide a similar interface to what you’re accustomed to when you connect your phone. It’s also a fantastic way to access turn-by-turn navigation through your preferred maps app.

You can keep your phone in your pocket or bag when driving since the infotainment system knows it’s nearby. Apple CarPlay will free up a cup holder for your favorite smoothie or coffee during your commute or road trip.

3. USB Outlets

Society is seemingly always on the go, and finding ways to keep personal devices and smartphones charged is challenging. USB outlets are one of the best features to look for in good daily driver cars.

These outlets allow you to charge phones, tablets, and other devices to ensure they’re ready when you arrive at your destination. An alternative is to find a new vehicle with a wireless charging pad.

If you’re shopping for a commuter SUV with three rows of seating, getting at least one USB port per row is a good rule of thumb. You can ensure your passengers can access charging areas when on the road. It’s the best way to avoid fights and bickering if you take your family on a lengthy road trip.

4. Automatic Climate Control

Comfort is essential when you’re spending extended periods in your new ride. One of the best features to look for in your commuter sedan or SUV is automatic climate control.

Getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic in sweltering summer heat is manageable with a robust climate control system to provide cool air. The same idea is vital when driving in frigid winter weather.

Your automatic climate control system allows you to set it to your preferences and forget it exists. Select the ideal cabin temperature, and the system does the rest. You can focus on driving, listening to podcasts, or singing your favorite songs while the climate control system provides a comfortable setting.

5. Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive headlights are overlooked but essential if your daily drives take you down dark lanes and roads. Your ride with adaptive headlights is designed to assess and follow the road with the lights to help you spot wildlife and other obstacles.

In the darkness, you’ll see street corners, potholes, deer, and other road hazards, allowing you to keep your passengers safe from Point A to Point B. The headlights move from side to side as you reach turns or bends in the road.

Some adaptive headlights do not have automatic dimming features. Remember to avoid blinding drivers who are heading in the opposite direction. The BMW 2 Series is an excellent option for pairing a fun daily driver with a safe driving experience.

6. Smart Key Technology

When shopping for a commuter car, look for smart key technology options. While some may find this feature pleasant, it adds a lot of convenience when attempting to enter the vehicle with several full grocery bags.

The feature allows you to lock, unlock, or start your new commuter sedan without the key ever leaving your pocket. The key has a range you’ll need to remain within to keep your car unlocked. Upon leaving that range, the vehicle will lock to prevent intruders and theft while you’re away.

7. Premium Sound System

A premium sound system is often a luxury, but if you envision sitting in traffic for extended periods, it’s a must-have feature for good daily driver cars. Car karaoke is a wonderful addition to any commute or adventure.

You can roll down the windows, crank up the volume, and enjoy a fun drive with friends, family, or yourself. Most manufacturers offer a high-end sound system upgrade for an additional cost. You’ll get more speakers and potentially subwoofers.

A premium sound system will elevate each drive you take in your commuter car or SUV. You’ll be excited to queue your favorite playlist.

When at the dealership, look at the premium sound system providers to determine your favorite option. Each brand partners with a sound system company.

Top options include Bose, Sony, Harman-Kardon, and Panasonic. Take the best cars for daily driving on test drives and compare the stereos to get more from your commutes.

Take Good Daily Driver Cars for a Test Drive Today

Knowing what to look for when shopping for good daily driver cars can streamline the shopping process, eliminating stress and anxiety.

Driver safety technology and adaptive headlights are essential for a safe driving experience in all conditions. Apple CarPlay and a premium sound system are other top features to look for when you buy a car as your daily driver.

Finding your next car can be an exciting experience when you begin exploring your favorite options. Use our blog content and guides to find the perfect fit for your next commuter car today!

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